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Heinkel He 70 Blitz by Medjoe Heinkel He 70 Blitz :iconmedjoe:Medjoe 17 4 CAT-85 ''Scut'' SPAAG by Medjoe CAT-85 ''Scut'' SPAAG :iconmedjoe:Medjoe 23 2 Avro Arrows in the Sky by Medjoe Avro Arrows in the Sky :iconmedjoe:Medjoe 36 14 Breda Ba.202 ''Astore'' by Medjoe Breda Ba.202 ''Astore'' :iconmedjoe:Medjoe 26 7 Asperge qui asperge by Medjoe Asperge qui asperge :iconmedjoe:Medjoe 6 3 Canada 150, Snowbirds over Ottawa by Medjoe Canada 150, Snowbirds over Ottawa :iconmedjoe:Medjoe 37 20 IAR 80M ''Morcov'' by Medjoe IAR 80M ''Morcov'' :iconmedjoe:Medjoe 17 11 Focke-Wulf Fw 190K ''Karotte'' by Medjoe Focke-Wulf Fw 190K ''Karotte'' :iconmedjoe:Medjoe 11 14 Lemonjet - Lemongrab Air Force by Medjoe Lemonjet - Lemongrab Air Force :iconmedjoe:Medjoe 10 5 Lemonprop - Lemongrab Air Force by Medjoe Lemonprop - Lemongrab Air Force :iconmedjoe:Medjoe 11 4 Messerschmitt Me 163Z ''Zitrone'' by Medjoe Messerschmitt Me 163Z ''Zitrone'' :iconmedjoe:Medjoe 13 2 Banana Guard Expeditionary Trooper by Medjoe Banana Guard Expeditionary Trooper :iconmedjoe:Medjoe 7 2 Banana Guard Lord Captain by Medjoe Banana Guard Lord Captain :iconmedjoe:Medjoe 6 0
The Biped (part 2)
Jack sighed. He was struggling to keep his eyes open, fighting the fatigue that was creeping over his body. Ned and Sim were probably in a similar state, they had been patrolling the area for over a week, day and night waiting for a sign of the enemy. No rest at night. Although they weren’t expecting night attacks as intel deemed the enemy incapable of night attacks, it was not much of an obstacle. Every night, they needed to set up watch. And some were collaborating with the enemy.
The convoy had permission to continue, the majority heading for a small town several kilometers from their position. In the other direction, a small industrial town could be found past the village. The three crewmembers had not been present when the factories and workers evacuated.
Inside, Sim was trying to find a local radio station, in search of some news, but all was quiet. Probable that jamming was involved. Jack and Ned returned to the biped as the engine roared and the vehicle sped in the opposi
:iconmedjoe:Medjoe 1 0
The Biped (part 1)
The angular profile of a bipedal scout stood against the fiery orange sky of the afternoon, next to a silver-leafed poplar shimmering under a calm breeze. Atop a nearby bump of earth, the biped’s crew could observe the valleys through which small streams trickled discreetly, hidden by shrubs and trees.
The heat from the vehicle was dissipating in the air as the engines were cooling down, while the three men waited. The commander, aided by a pair of powerful binoculars that he had placed on a metal ring above his station, was scanning the horizon for the slightest trace of movement. They had received an order a few hours ago to survey the sector. The message had interrupted their morning maintenance, and suggested the worst: an attack was imminent, and the scout divisions had to be ready and relay information instantly. Aerial surveillance was unavailable due to recent attacks on the airfields, forcing the troops to relay using scout divisions.
Rows of rivets adorned the steel pla
:iconmedjoe:Medjoe 1 0
Banana Guard Space Marine by Medjoe Banana Guard Space Marine :iconmedjoe:Medjoe 11 2

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Heinkel He 70 Blitz
Heinkel's gull-winged 1930s airliner is a lovely aircraft, its shape fitting well the art deco era. Sleek and fast, nicknamed the Blitz for its speed record, it saw service with airlines such as Deutsche Lufthansa and Swissair, as well as several military operators. Able to carry only 5 passengers, it provided rapid service between airports and helped slowly usher in airliners.
A volunteer from the British Army agreed to stand in front for a size comparison.

In building and drawing so many military subjects, it dawned on me that I also need some civilian subjects.
Matchbox/Revell's 1/72 kit. Fairly old but despite its age, not too bad with a bit of work, cheap for the size, provides some interesting options. Out of box build.
CAT-85 ''Scut'' SPAAG
The CAT-85 (Complex Antiaerian pe TR-85) saw introduction in the mid to late '90s to answer the Romanian Army's need for a modern SPAAG, for point-defense against air targets.  Following the Revolution, the need for a stronger defense was recognized as Western technological opportunities opened up. Rather than procure the Flakpanzer Gepard, the indigenous TR-85 hull was chosen instead, to be locally modified to house the twin 35mm Oerlikon autocannons, alongside the Skyguard radar and fire control system. The Scut ("Shield") saw limited deployment in the various Romanian operations and remained in active inventory for a long career. 

This particular model is seen on a training exercise on the outskirts of the Turda Gorge (Cheiile Turzii). Aside from the initial prototypes, most vehicles were painted in the standard NATO three-tone pattern.

In many respects, it is very similar to the Finnish Marksman system (ItPsv 90). Foreign interest in the design was expressed by several countries, but ultimately most orders were lost in favour of more popular designs such as the Gepard or Tunguska. 
Avro Arrows in the Sky
Two CF-105s fly in formation. What could have been...

Top: Snowbirds scheme
Bottom: Canada 150 scheme, inspired by the 2017 CF-18 Demo Team

I could not resist drawing a red Avro Arrow inspired by the colourful CF-18 celebrating Canada's 150th, with its stylized maple leaf. 
Here are the individual schemes:
-Red 150th:…
Breda Ba.202 ''Astore''
The Breda Ba.202 was an Italian dive bomber designed to fulfill the Regia Aeronautica's request for an aircraft capable of delivering precise strikes on the battlefield. The initial model, the Ba.201, competed with the Junkers Ju-87 and its defensive performance was deemed inadequate when compared to its German adversary. As a solution, the Ba.202 incorporated a rear gunner equipped with a Breda-SAFAT machine gun. Powered by the popular DB601, this combination proved successful and orders were placed to put the aircraft into service. Incorporating a closed bomb bay, it proved aerodynamically superior to the Stuka, while being comparable in abilities and dimensions. It served throughout the Italian campaigns, slowly losing its effectiveness in dive bombing as more capable fighters were fielded by the Allies to counter. Despite this, it provided reliable service. 

The "Astore" (goshawk) was further modified for the maritime war across the Mediterranean, some airframes adapted to carrying 450mm torpedoes. These aircraft were nimbler than the workhorses of the Regia Aeronautica, the SM.79, with greater speed and agility, as well as easier to construct due to a single engine. The shape, along with its service alongside the larger 3-engined bombers, earned its nickname "il piccolo gobbetto" (the little hunchback). The aircraft served until the end of the war, then was gradually phased out of service as dive and torpedo bombers became obsolete.

This particular aircraft is from 281a Squadriglia, 132o Gruppo, originally consisting of SM.79 torpedo bombers, with marine camouflage designed to minimize its detection while flying close to the water.
Asperge qui asperge
Félicitations à la langue française pour cet étrange jeu de mots.

asperge = asparagus
asperge = to soak, present tense
Who knew that an asparagus with a water gun is a French play-on-words?
Only the toughest asparagi would serve in heavy soaker duty.

Part of the "When Plants Attack" series.
Canada 150, Snowbirds over Ottawa
Happy 150th birthday Canada!
A CF-105 in an unusual scheme joins the Snowbirds formation over Ottawa's Parliament Hill.

In terms of subject, the Avro Arrow is known by many, and arguably at one time represented the pinnacle of Canadian aerospace innovation. Had it been mass-produced and achieved likely success as a potent interceptor, perhaps today we could have seen it in such colours or part of the historic flight celebrating the nation's anniversary. Perhaps this might inspire someone to have a scale model or a 3D skin with the more unusual colours.

Joyeux 150e anniversaire Canada!
Un CF-105 aux couleurs inhabituelles rejoint la formation des Snowbirds au-dessus de la Colline Parlementaire d'Ottawa. 

En termes de sujet, le Avro Arrow est connu par beaucoup, et a dans son temps représenté la fine pointe de l'innovation aérospatiale canadienne. S'il aurait été produit en série et eu le succès auquel il était déstiné en tant qu'intercepteur capable, peut-être qu'aujourd'hui on l'aurait vu dans de telles couleurs ou accompagnant la flotte historique célébrant l'anniversaire de la nation. Et peut-être que cela inciterait quelqu'un d'avoir un modèle réduit ou une texture 3D avec ces couleurs plus inhabituelles.…


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Claudiu Oltean
Aerospace Engineering student, sci-fi enthusiast, grew up reading Jules Verne
Drawing, writing and building stuff (and anything in between?), slowly tackling a long list of projects in no particular order...

For I have become neon...


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