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FW190-D13 (old)
First version of my drawing, back in October '16. Tried emulating a lovely cover picture of the FHC's Fw 190 A-5 in flight.
Yellow 10
Usually I don't draw existing stuff, but I made an exception for the Focke-Wulf Fw 190 D-13, currently preserved at the FHC in Everett, an airworthy aircraft, but likely grounded for a long time.

:iconneiot: Here you go, as promised! 

edit: Better. Old one moved to scraps.
JagdTiger I
Well, who knew that after 1.5 years, I'd make a physical model of one of my concepts? And what better model to start than the tank destroyer which started the series? 

The Jagdtiger I is a fictional combination of the Tiger I hull and a superstructure resembling the actual Jagdtiger, carrying the Pak 43 cannon used by the Nashorn and Elefant tank destroyers in what would roughly be the same time frame. The proposition explored the ability to carry a stronger gun to counter the appearance of IS heavy tanks on the Eastern front, and maintain tough armour to withstand hits. This allowed the forces to have a replacement and complement the low numbers of Elefants in service. The camo on this one is inspired by the ambush pattern in the later stages of the conflict. Though successful in terms of offensive capabilities, the heavier weight and large gun put additional strains on the burdened suspension and transmission, limiting its offroad ability. With the exception of the turret, many components were recycled and reused from stocks, with some variants using the commander cupolas from the turrets as well as similar ventilation and optics setups.

Used a Revell 1/72 Tiger for the hull, borrowed the cannon from an Airfix King Tiger and scratchbuilt the superstructure.
This is the background:…
Space MiG21 2
The original intent was to place it in a some kind of hangar or museum, in a dimly lit place with lights illuminating the thermal shield on its bottom, inspired by the SR-71 display at the Udvar-Hazy Center at Dulles. Unfortunately I didn't feel confident in those lights, and dropped them. The big problem came with lighting the interior, as I don't think that it properly conveys the interaction between light and dark in such a place, appearing far too bright overall.

Barring digital media, a way to remedy this would probably starting from dark paper and gradually building up light instead of the opposite!
Orbital MiG 21
A more refined take on the space MiG 21 I drew over a year ago, and a closer match to the dream, closer to a dull gray seen in military craft. Aside from the space shuttles, the design is also inspired by the MiG 21I (Analog), which was a delta wing testbed for the Soviet supersonic jet, the Tu-144. By using rocket engines, the entire middle portion is repurposed to a storage area, including a robotic arm used for manipulations in orbit.

Also, first drawing of 2017! Not entirely fond of drawing interior scenes in poorly-lit environments, and this drawing had a previous  variant that was scrapped for that very reason. Much more to learn with regards to shadows and cast light before I can tackle such a thing...

Scrapped version:…
Jagdpanzer Porsche II Wollnashorn
Incorporating many elements of the VK45.02 project, the Porsche-designed tank destroyer was a direct competitor to Henschel's Jagdtiger. Armed with the same devastating 12.8cm cannon fitted in a rear casemate, reminiscent of the Elefant, the tank provided overwhelming firepower, combined with thick armour and the trademark diesel-electric drive. Dubbed the "Wollnashorn" - woolly rhino - it tied with the Jagdtiger for the largest tank fielded by the Wehrmacht, capable of engaging any tank fielded by the Allies on either front. 

The mechanical complexity of the drivetrain, which has also plagued the earlier Tiger project, the enormous cost of resources, along with the more advanced progress of the Tiger II, led to the cancellation of the type, with only a handful of prototypes completed towards late 1944, serving as part of the last lines of defense until the end of the war. Porsche concentrated its efforts on building a part of the Henschel Jagdtiger instead. 

In between more school work as the semester draws to a close and getting a new computer, I haven't had much time to draw, which I find a bit disconcerting. It's hard to believe that it took over a year to realize this idea! Hopefully it will be better in a few weeks and I'll have more time to draw, my tools await with anticipation!
IAR 88 Acvila
The MiG 21 saw a vast introduction into various Soviet Bloc countries, among them Romania. Following the latter's refusal to participate in Operation Danube in 1968, foreign relations with Western countries began opening, along with opportunities of licensed production, namely from the French aeronautical industry in the form of Aérospatiale helicopters. The arrival of the MiG 21 MF variants into the Romanian Air Force led to a redesign of the MiG 21 airframe to incorporate design elements of the French Mirage fighters, the most notable changes being the revised intakes and a full nosecone for a better radar. An unsupported effort by the USSR, the early stages of the program led to procurement issues of the Tumansky turbojets, until finally a deal was struck for their provision.

The IAR 88, dubbed Acvilă - eagle -, by the air force, quickly earned the NATO reporting name "Flint". It was deployed and served with all active units, becoming the workhorse of the RoAF for many decades to come, filling a multitude of roles ranging from ground attack to air superiority. Subsequently, a number of them underwent modernisation in the form of improved avionics under the SpeaR program. This particular model bears the post 1984-roundel, with a ground camouflage inspired by the MiG 23s in service at the time.

Historically, the indigenous Romanian aeronautical industry suffered major setbacks after WW2, when it was forced to scrap its IAR-80/81 fleet and replace it with various Soviet fighters (Mig-15/17/19/21/29, Yak-17/23, etc). Some factories had to divert production towards agricultural equipment and licensed Soviet aircraft such as the Kamov-126. This idea is similar in concept to the Luft 46 designs, but for the Romanian Air Force. And it's free game up to IAR-92 for other designs. 
T-56 Medium Tank
A variant of the ubiquitous T-55 tank, the T-56 sought to integrate the pike-nose armour used by the IS series to improve frontal protection, with the only modification being to the driver position, now seated in the centre. The results showed marginally better survivability, not enough to warrant a full switch to this variant. It had little mass-production due to increased cost and manufacturing complexity, but served in several tank battalions in limited numbers nonetheless, before the arrival of the T-62 and T-64 as replacements. No models were exported to foreign countries and the aging tanks were relegated to training and target practice.


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